ASUS Global Ambassador, 2nd year in a row!

We’re happy to announce PETER TAN is named Asus Global Ambassador (one of only 9 worldwide) representing Malaysia for the 2nd year in a row. Thank you ASUS for the privilege and the honor!

Dancing in the moonlight



Ponte Vecchio houses all the goldsmiths within Firenze, Italia and it is a big tourist attraction, although many would not be able to afford their creations.  Dancing in the moonlight, under the stars of Firenze. Our Russian bride, Alena, is having the time of her life. The beautiful and light chiffon, just moves gracefully and gently as she dances to her own tune.


Under The Tuscan Sun

Sneak Preview of the shoot at a 900 year old abandoned church in Toscana outback country. It took us more than 1 hour to search for this place, another 30 minutes to trek on foot before finally arriving at this amazing little church. Along the way, we ate wild figs plucked from the roadside trees, fresh blackberries from the bushes! The light was amazing and the place was deserted, which also means, no tourists to get in our way of the shoot!

More coming – stay on this channel ya!

Villa Petraia



Our lovely couple were truly comfortable in this villa dating back to the Renaissance period. The bride wore one of Celest Thoi’s beautiful lace creation and the groom wore one of Ferragamo’s latest suits.

The Medici family, then the most powerful family in all of Florence, owned many of these villas, dotted all over the Tuscan region.

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